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About Us

“Inter Alliance” LLC was created in 1997. For last years the company successfully introduced advanced technologies in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Working in this direction, “Inter Alliance” LLC entered into the close relations with the leading global manufacturers and built a wide dealer network. Today our company is the leading supplier of information technologies who has considerable impact on formation of the IT market in Kyrgyzstan. The position of the strong company is confirmed by leadership in the majority of indicators of distribution: active client base, sales volumes, staff of sales representatives, portfolio of contracts, force of logistic infrastructure. Continuous development and continuous search of new decisions help to hold the leading positions of the company.

The range of the offered goods makes more than 170 names from the leading producers of climatic, computer, telecommunication, electrotechnical, musical, network, educational, office and printing equipment, household and kitchen appliances, construction equipment and materials, computer accessories, conference systems.

We proved as the reliable business partner, unsurpassed in creation of long-term economic advantages to clients, having united profound knowledge in the field of business with ample technological capabilities and resources.

“Inter Alliance” LLC in the work builds the confidential and honest relations with all participants of the market and seeks for formation of a strong brand. The company values the business reputation, trust of customers and the deserved respect of members of professional IT community.

Our collective is an amicable team of professionals who are able to set before themselves the purposes and to find ways for their achievement. We always work for result and we appreciate a contribution of each employee to success and prosperity of the company and clients.