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Dell Active System 1000

Dell_ActiveSystem1000The Dell company provided new genus of integrated solutions for development of cloud-based environments and the virtualized appendices.
Dell Active System is a hardware & software complex.
The solution of Dell Active System 1000 is based on the Power Edge M620 blade servers which provide high performance and functionality of a corporate class. These servers combine a high density of installation of memory, excellent indicators of scalability and efficiency. These sever are capable to cope with high operational loads, to serve virtual environments, e-mail and databases.
In a standard configuration the Active System 1000 complex is completed with 8 virtual VMware ESXi servers, making available to user to 128 kernels of Intel processors of Xeon E5-2600 family. Thus there is a possibility of scaling to 32 virtual servers and 512 kernels. Thanks to the built-in controler of remote access of Dell, user has an opportunity to manage the server on the additional channel. The PowerEdge M1000e case in which the server is established, provides effective chilling and allows to achieve decrease in energy consumption.
For data storage the Dell Active System 1000 complex is completed with Dell Compellent SC8000 controler of data storage center. In fact it is disk array “all in one” thanks to which users have an opportunity to manage data effectively with the high level of disaggregation. In a basic configuration the Active System 1000 is equipped with 36 SAS storages of a small standard size with capacity 300 GB. There’re 7 storages with capacity 3 TB in a 3,5 inches compartment. In addition the cumulative reservoir available to storage of information makes 31,8 TB. The storage system of data can be increased to 115,2 TB.
The Dell Networking S4810 10/40GbE switchboard provides stable connection to the Ethernet network. This device provides exclusively small degree of a delay and high handling capacity for fields with high requirements to performance.

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