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Dell PowerVault TL2000 Data Storage Tape System

ЛЕНТОЧНАЯ СИСТЕМА ХРАНЕНИЯ ДАННЫХ DELL POWERVAULT TL2000The tape library PowerVault™ TL2000 represents a simple and inexpensive automation equipment of tape storages for the organizations with high needs for the data security which the technology of automatic loaders can’t satisfy any more. It is the best option for small and medium enterprises which require inexpensive, simple in use, the automated decision for backup and an archiving of data on tape storages.
The decision with 2U form factors is established in a rack or easily transformed to desktop system
To 2 LTO disks and to 24 sockets for tape cartridges maintain own reservoir of a storage system of data without compression to 60 Tbyte (with LTO-6 storages)
Remote management via the web interface — diagnostics accomplishment, check of a condition, monitoring of tasks and log histories, updating of the microprogram
Enciphering under control of library (optionally, only with LTO-4, LTO-5 and LTO-6 storages)


Technology of backup of data on the tape store



The optional enciphering managed by library (only with LTO-4, LTO-5 and LTO-6 storages)

Barcode reading device

The standard


There are 2 interfaces of the user.

The control panel is located on the forward panel of tape library PV TL2000. The user can use the display LCD panel for check of a condition of system, start of procedure of diagnostics, viewing of log history of system, check and setup of a configuration, control of the tasks  which are carried out by the storage, carrying out accounting and management of system.

Web-means of remote management: Access to items of web administration is possible on connection of 10/100 BaseT by means of any standard observer. The user can check a condition of system, start diagnostics procedure, look through log histories of system, check and adjust configurations, control the tasks which are carried out by the storage, carry out accounting and manage system. Also the user can update the storage and the microprogram of library through RMU.


in a rack 2U.

Height: Installation in a rack: 87,6 mm

Width: Installation in a rack: 447,5 mm

Depth: Installation in a rack: 740 mm

Weight: 15,5 kg with one storage and without tapes

Orientation: only horizontal

Standard for installation in a rack (the set for desktop installation is applied)

Service conditions

Working temperature: from 10 to 35 °C.

Relative humidity: from 20 to 80% (without condensation)

Power supply: 1,3 A in case of 100 V ~; 0,7 A in case of 240 V ~

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