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Dell PowerEdge R430

dellserver1Dell PowerEdge R430 is a modern model of the rack server of initial level which supports two processors and provides high performance level. It is an excellent choice for support of a big set of working loadings. It will become fine base for implementation of high-performance calculations, support of web services, scaling of corporate IT infrastructure, and also expansion of systems of supervision and safety. This server can quite be used as the allocated backup server. The server supports the modern Intel Xeon processors of E5-2600 v3, providing bigger number of kernels on each processor. The model is completed with 12 slots for installation of modules of DIMM DDR4 memory. For storage of important user information the server supports installation of 10 small standard size hard drives  with support of the increased number of operations of input-output in a second. Two slots of PCIe 3 provide excellent capacity. The server possesses excellent opportunities of scaling and well is suitable for support of a big set of working loadings, providing fast return of investments.

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