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Dell PowerEdge R730xd

images (1)Possibility of the PowerEdgeR730XD server to work with hybrid systems of data storage and other capacious storages, and also flexibility of control and creation by an individual configuration allow the company and users to move to a new level of work, use of the advanced technologies guarantees high reliability and non-failure operation in work of network infrastructure and this server.

PowerEdge R730XD  server is a reliable, practical, advanced and effective server. This server is capable to satisfy inquiries of the most exacting clients due to ample opportunities of drawing up a desirable configuration, flexibility of settings, multilevel development and a powerful hardware component.

PowerEdgeR730XD has the powerful IntelXeon processor of E5-2600 v3  that allows to accelerate performance of customary business activities, operations of processing of data and daily tasks for the company of any level. The advanced system of data storage of this server and support of DDR4 memory effectively process large volumes of data. Besides the server can work with 1.8-inch SATA flash-stores and is easily scaled.

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