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Dell PowerVault MD3600i data storage system

sdfDell PowerVault MD3600i data storage system






Is included in the package:

Key features

Technical characteristics

Hard discs To 12  3,5-inch SAS disks, Near-line SAS and solid storages
Speed and reservoir of disks SAS disks with 15 000 rpm with capacity of 300, 450 and 600 GbytesSAS disks with 10 000 rpm with capacity of 300, 600 and 900 Gbytes

Near-line SAS discs with 7200 rpm with capacity of 500 Gbytes, 1, 2, 3 and 4 Tbyte

Solid storages with capacity of 200 and 400 Gbytes (possibility of installation of a slide bars for 9 cm (3,5″) hard discs)

The maximum capacity (for 1 case) 48 Tbyte for using 12 Near-line SAS disks (7200 rpm) with capacity 4 Tbyte
Possibilities of extention To 192 disks thanks to MD1200/MD1220 extention cases
Connection options Ø Two 10GBASE-T Ethernet ports on each controlerØ With one controler

Support to 64 servers in a configuration with BASE-T 10 Gbit /s with the iSCSI interface

Ø With two controlers

Support to 64 servers in a configuration with BASE-T of 10 Gbit/s with the iSCSI interface

Ø Functions of the controller

Each controler contains 2 Gbytes cache memory with autonomous power supply from the accumulator. Two controlers work in the active environment, specularly reflecting each other caches. Protection of a cache is provided constantly with the help a flash memory. The Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) Technology relieves of need for difficult management of RAID massifs and thus allows to optimize data security. It can be used in parallel with the existing RAID configurations.

Operating system ·         Microsoft ® Windows® 2003 Family·         Windows Server ® 2008 Family

·         Windows Server 2008 R2

·         Red Hat® Enterprise Linux ® Version 4 and Version 5

·         SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 10 (63-bit) and Version 11 (64-bit)

·         SLES10 SP2 and later

·         SLES11 GM and later

·         VMware® ESX 4.0 Update 1 and later

·         Microsoft Hyper-V™

Power supply 2 reserve power suppliesPower 600 W

Thermal emission: 150vt

Tension: 90-264 V ~

Frequency: 47-63 Hz

Current intensity: The maximum entrance current intensity at the rated power: 55 A during 10 ms or less, 25 A during 10–150 ms

Available power of hard discs:

3.5″ disk: 25 W

·         2.5″ disk: 12 W

Control The Modular Disk Storage Manager software of the 2nd generation with support of several protocols, the user interface on the basis of Java. The graphic program with support of several reserve ways of data transmission between the server and the massif of data storage for switching at refusal.
Sockets on the back panel 2 ports 10GBE 10 of Gbit /s for connection of the server1 port with the SAS interface of 6 Gbit /s for communication with the additional drive enclosure

1 GBE port of 1 Gbit /s for remote management

1 6-pin UART mini-DIN serial port (only for factory control).

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