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Job Opportunities

Inter Alliance aspires to that all positions in the company were taken by the most qualified and competent specialists. Thus the company employs not only the professionals having long-term experience, but also absolutely young specialists. We appreciate openness and inquisitiveness, interest in the general success, desire to put the knowledge and skills into practice and to work in multinational team in the employees. Inter Alliance expands variety of views, competences and personal qualities in the company and creates optimum balance between work and personal time. The variety of opportunities which the company gives to the employees for their professional growth, is one of major factors of its sustainable development and promotes achievement of long-term success.

For consideration of your candidate for vacancies in our company you need to send your CV by e-mail to hrm@intera.kg

Procedure and the Principles of Employment in the Company:

Selection criteria of candidates for vacancies are: professionalism level (high qualification), experience, skills and your desire to work in one of the best companies of our country.


It is desirable to provide CV in Russian with your photo.


  1. Your CV have to iclude:


Purpose of submission of CV: a job title for which you apply;

Your personal data: date of birth, civil condiition, registration address and residential address, contact phone, e-mail;

Basic education: educational institution and specialization;

Additional education: seminars, trainings, courses, training, etc.;

Your professional experience: the companies in which you worked, positions you held and functional duties;

Your achievements in the professional sphere and in personal development;

Language skills with the indication of level;

Computer skills and programs with which you work;

Your personal characteristic: qualities which will allow you to work successfully in our team;

Recommendations: data and contact phones of the persons (not less than 2) recommending you.

  1. The cover letter (in Russian) in which you prove your desire to work in our company.
  2. Letters of recommendation (if you have) (not less than 2).


Documents of applicants get to HR-department. The documents sent to the company don’t come back because of gettting to our database. All provided information on the candidate will be used only in the business purposes.


Selection of candidates takes place in three stages:


1 stage – consideration of CV, cover letters and letters of recommendation. You should give the fullest information on yourself and your skills.

2 stage – the selected candidates are invited to interview with the HR-manager and the head of department where vacancy is open.

3 stage – final interview with the management of the company and informing the candidate on the made decision. Informing candidates on the made decision happens within 5 days from the moment of carrying out interview.


Wish success!