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The Inter Alliance company is authorized service center of the XEROX, DELL.

We have highly skilled, certified experts who will help you under repair and service of computer, office equipment and household appliances.

The equipped technical center allows to provide quality services in the field of system and maintenance of equipment and local networks.

Main range of services of the Service center:

Repair of copy equipment and peripheral devices;

Filling and repair of cartridges;

Deployment and control of local computer systems (equipment/software);

Monitoring of safety of external impacts on systems, safety of information, regular preventive maintenance of systems, updating of software products, etc.;

Elimination of failures in work of systems, repair of the failed equipment;

Stationary services of the technical center;

Upgrades of systems and workstations;

Consultation on questions of work of systems

For obtaining more detailed information contact by phone +996 690 333 or e-mail: sm2@intera.kg