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The Inter Alliance company is engaged in development of software products by individual orders taking into account all wishes of the customer.

We develop:

databases of various format, complexity and subject for ensuring collecting, storage, control and the analysis of information;

programs for management and management accounting (financial planning, office-work, shots, etc.);

programs for collecting and analysis of statistical data;

Web applications;

WEB sites

We have highly qualified specialists in the field of development of the software and system integration. We provide a full complex of services in development of program systems, including carrying out the analysis of business processes, the description of requirements to the developed system, design, development, introduction, and further maintenance. The choice of a programming language and a platform of development is defined depending on requirements of the customer. Our experts use a wide range of software and systems of data storage in the development such as  C#.NET, ASP/NET, Delphi, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, Control systems of data – MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL. Development is carried out both for systems of Windows and for Unix systems.

For obtaining more detailed information contact by phone +996 690 333 or e-mail: cdm@intera.kg